This weekend it was cold and sometime light rain, but I again drove out of town.

I continued to work with the new antenna delta loop on 80 meters with tuner. I found comfy pine trees and raised the loop in half an hour.

Finally I found the reason for the strange behavior of my old ICOM AH-4. At first I thought about the bad contact of the radio control, but it turned out that the bad contact was in the connector in the tuner. So I fixed it and now I am ready for CQ WW )

Pictured is my field equipment )

Delta Loop 80m (80-10 with AH-4)
inv.V 40m
2 el. 20m
Asus Eee PC 1025c
Bencher by-1
RG-8 & RG-174

80 QSO in OK-OM DX CW contest & SSB rag chew with local (1500 km around) portable stations