CQ WW DX CW 2020

And again I participate in this competition. This time I am testing a new antenna and have no plans for a result. This time I was Classic Operator (CLASSIC): The entrant will use only one radio, no QSO finding assistance, and may operate up to 24 of the 48 hours. Bad, there is no category – /p

Last time in 2019 I only worked on 20 meters, but this time I decided to try all bands with one antenna. This is a delta loop made of wire 84 meters long in the form of a triangle. The top of the triangle at a height of about 20 meters is suspended from a pine branch, and the tuner ICOM AH-4 is connected to the lower corner.

This time, too, the weather was fine, only it rained lightly in the evening and frost at night. I was very cold, but the gas burner provided hot water.

Bacon and noodles warmed body and soul

The last autumn flowers bloomed

I traditionally sit in the back seat. The laptop was frozen several times – I still did not understand, from old age, from interference or when its battery was very low.

The antenna worked perfectly, the propagation was pleasing.

And in the morning there was fog and a magic sun


The farthest QSO this time were:

80 – RA0R (5629km), PA6X (1794km), SJ2W (1749km)
40 – ZM1A (16792km), TI7W (10840km), NN7CW (9239km), JH4UYB (7882km),
20 – JQ1ABC (8190km)
15 – CX2DK (12719km), ZY5T (10898km), FY5KE (9096km), NP4AW (8952km), W0VO (9094km)
10 – CR2AA (4601km), A42K (3837km), ZB2CW (3299km)