WAG 2020

Another WAG (Worked All Germany) contest that could be better

On Saturday night, I was planning only 40 meters, but even that was difficult due to the fact that the laptop did not turn on from the low on-board voltage in the car. As it turned out, it does not want to start without a minimum battery charge in the laptop itself.

But I took a regular key and a notepad, so the first 30 QSO were done the old fashioned way )

I lost a lot of time and wasn’t in the mood, so I finished quickly.

The next day I arrived at lunchtime and at first walked a little through the forest. After the rains, mushrooms appeared.

The computer worked as expected, two vertical elements on 20 meters too, so things went more fun.

After 12 UTC many Americans were heard better than Germans. But the pace dropped and I finished.

At home I made mushroom soup