Ukrainian DX Contest

This year I decided to participate in the test in the same place as 4 years ago

It is not so far from Kyiv, in a beautiful place with such comfortable tall pines and makes it possible to transmit number CR instead of KO, which is often confused with DO, since logger programs often substitute it because of my callsign.

This time I decided not to strain myself, work only CQ, and generally sleep at night. The weather was great, but at night I was cold and did not get enough sleep.

The antennas were very simple – 80m delta loop + Icom AH-4 (80-10m) and inv.L vertical (160m) – upper one)

An experiment on 160 meters showed that even despite the extremely low power for this band (about 50 watts due to SWR and poor power supply), it is quite possible to make even several dozen QSO.

Also, an old car as a power source (I still need to buy a separate battery for radio, because this time I completely discharged the car battery and was able to start the engine only thanks to the spare one from the motorcycle), even older laptop and radio.

In general, I was pleased with the result and I even exceeded my previous record.