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After installing antennas and arranging everyday life, work on the air began confidently and calmly. The weather worsened – it became windy and cold. A pest dog once broke free and chewed off another rope and dropped the spiderbeam.

On rare sunny days, we walked around a bit and took a photo. Due the rallies against the king, we did not get out anywhere further than the local village.

The owner of the lodge is passionate about golf, so balls are evenly scattered throughout the property.

Spiderbeam in front, vertical 40 meters in the middle and vertical at 80 meters behind.

There were mega grasshoppers. Anything smaller was obviously just blown away by a constant strong wind. I only saw a mosquito once.

Below you can see the lights of the local village.

The local cows were thin and shy. It is said that a wife is worth 3 cows on average, beautiful – 30, the king’s daughter is as much as 200 cows.

In the evening we sometimes dined outside.

There was also a small pool with fish on the territory.

A smart dog who didn’t spoil anything always got a lot of good food.

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