3DA0WW (p.3)

3DA0WW (p.2)

The pileups were incessant, but since two places were constantly in digital, so there were enough operators for the remaining two places. I could even afford to sunbathe a little.

In addition, UT7UV proved to be an excellent chef, from whom many chefs of elite hotels could learn from. Naturally, the signature dish was Ukrainian borscht.

Trips to the local grocery store were our only excursions. We were pleasantly surprised by the range and quality of the products. In addition, this allowed us to save a lot.

This Africa turned out to be not at all the Africa that I imagined. Very civilized and comfortable, nice people who always smile.

And then the weather turned bad. Strong wind, rain, at night the temperature dropped to + 5C. We walked and froze in warm jackets and gloomily joked “this is not Africa for you” …

3DA0WW (p.4)

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