KO50KX (Desna River)

Spontaneously we decided to go fishing with a friend on the Desna River. Well, he’s fishing, and I’m for the company …

He began to lay out the tackle, and I took a chair and a beer and went to look at the river

He continued to lay out the tackle, and I went to eat delicious berries

He already got almost everything out of the car

And I hung up the antennas. This time it were inv.V. (7MHz) and 2 vertical wire elements (14 MHz) on one suspension and Icom IC-706mk2g 50W.

Then we ate

And a friend went fishing

And I went to dig with a metal detector

Interesting is one cartridge for Mauser, made in Belgium (Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre (FN) for Serbia (Cyrillic symbols) in 1926, then confiscated by Germany during the occupation and used in the WW2 on the territory of Ukraine (USSR).

Time passed quickly and imperceptibly. It was cold at night, but in the car it were dry and comfortable.

There was a very strong wind and the next day it started to rain. None of the fish were harmed and I even made some QSO. The most interesting were with VE2CSI from zone 2, IT9IFI, F/DL1ASA/P from EU-032 and UY4IF with UY3IK from my native city Makeevka.