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The Ukrainian and Latvian parts of the team were accommodated in two houses and next morning immediately began to install antennas. I tried to help both there and there. Immediately after installing Spiderbeams, I sat down at the radio and heard the biggest pileup of my life.

There was a continuous hum, in which it is impossible to make out anything. Therefore, only the loudest stations can be received. I often walked away from the main pile-up and picked weak but single signals. So in the log there were also even /QRP stations from Europe as well. In general, of course, when the nearest correspondent is at a distance of 8000 km, even S3 was a loud signal, and S5 was rare. The first days were warm and we could hardly find time to enjoy the sun.

Various interference and noise often appeared and the 160 meter long beverage through the entire site helped to improve reception on 80 m and especially on 40 m. In general, the place could not be called successful, it was located among large stones and mountains in the distance. But it was very beautiful.

To work only CW was my choice and I do not impose it on anyone. I just used every opportunity for this and I was always given it. Especially at 80 m, although it was not very effective in terms of the number of QSO and the time spent on this. But the comments in the cluster were very encouraging and supportive for me.

The king of the SSB was UT7UV. We did not get up from the radio even to the toilet until we made several hundred QSO. And sometimes it was really hard)

The vertical in stones did not work, although the guys spent a lot of time on it.

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